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About Us


Jackie is an artist, writer and professional reader from the SanFrancisco Bay Area.  She has since lived, traveled, and studied all over the country collecting inspiration along the way. Making friends with trees and talking to the birds, she draws from the natural and supernatural to create her own vision of the world. She blends the bright and the baleful in her unique and whimsical scenes.

Come to the dark side. We have the best cheese.

Believe it or not we actually have a purpose here at Zero Depth. The name Zero Depth and our logo are in tribute to our two one-eyed rescue cats Leela and Plissken. My partner and I have a passion for animals and helping abused and neglected animals whenever we can.  We have created this brand to market the projects that we hope will support abused and neglected animals.

We've engaged in a range of charity activites, from raffling art and tattoo sessions for community gardens, to donations for local stray support groups. This is something we seek to do regularly, as we work towards expanding our activities, and recruit volunteers to assist us!


Meet The Team


Leela Beans

Founder & CEO


Finnegan J Rabbit

Office Manager


The Beans

HR Lead

Jackie Rabbit 1.jpg

Jackie Rabbit

Corporate Chef


Plissken Taylor

Tech Lead


Crowley Taylor

Product Manager


Leela Bean

Customer Support Lead


Kevin W Taylor

Head of Security

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